FengShui at Your Fingertips

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Page Count: 122
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Authored by Calvin Yap
Edited by Henry YF Mok

In the past, we often saw ancient FengShui masters in movies deduce the FengShui formulas by tabulating their fingers. Now you can impress your clients by doing the same. This book will teach you how to memorized FengShui formulas by tabulating the fingertips. During my course of studying FengShui, I came in contact with various formulas. Sometimes these formulas need to be cross reference and it is time consuming to search and cross checked against each formula. As such, I start to research on quick and fast way to memorize the formulas. Ancient masters have 2 ways of memorizing the formulas; through poem and fingertips. I presented in this book, those formulas that can be easily memorized using the movement of fingertips. Formulas are:

• He Tu, Luo Shu & Ba Gua
• Combination and Clashes
• Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches Combination, Clashes etc
• Shen Sha formulas (Hua Gai, Tao Hua, Jiang Xing etc)
• How to erect 4P without using a Calendar
• Flying Star & 8-Mansion
• How to find San Sha
• Qi Men Dun Jia

Note: This book will not explain why there is such and such formula, nor will it explain how these formulas to be applied. The purpose of this book is to help those studying Fengshui or Chinese Meta-Physics memorized the complex formulas.