Basic Fengshui for house selection

Availability: Classroom (Singapore) (1 day) (Fee: S$600)
9am - 5pm

Pre-requisite: None

What is this course for:

  • Couples who is planning of buying a house and want to know how to choose a good unit
  • You already bought a house and want to know what are the precaution, Fengshui wise
  • You are an Interior Designer and you want to use this knowledge for your work
  • You are a property agents and want to impress your client with Fengshui knowledge
  • General knowledge with logical explanation of Fengshui

What this course is not:

  • Make you a professional Fengshui Master
  • Selling of items

Key Take-away:

  • Introduction to Chinese 5-Arts, Fengshui and Qi Men Dun Jia
  • Basic Fengshui
    • 24 mountains
    • Best area to stay based on your birth date/time
    • Centre of building
    • How to determine Facing and Sitting of a house
    • How to ensure house doesn’t clash with occupants
  • Sha Qi – how to identify and how to avoid
  • Bedroom Fengshui
    • Coffin Position? Ok?
    • Placement of bed, headboard or no headboard
    • Air con position
    • Water in the bedroom
  • Kitchen Fengshui
    • Stove/hob placement
    • Myth about stove placement
  • Others
    • Toilet Fengshui
    • Mirror placement
    • Renovation – what to look out for
    • Move-in – what to do
    • Annual pre-caution