Fengshui Practitioner Program

From Zero to Master

Availability: Classroom (Singapore)
9am - 5pm

Pre-requisite: None

This is a full fledge Fengshui courses for someone who has zero knowledge and want to become a Fengshui master. The class is divided into 3 parts:

  • Part 1 consists of fundamental concept of Chinese Meta Physics
  • Part 2 consists of Basic Fengshui fundamentals
    • what is Sha Qi
    • how to identify Sha Qi
    • Bedroom Fengshui
    • Kitchen Fengshui
  • Part 3 will go into some of Fengshui formulas
    • BaZhai Fengshui
    • Xuan Kong Flying Star Fengshui
    • Basic Water Theory
    • Basic Date Selection
    • Basic Ziping Bazi


  • Course Material
  • Software to be provided FOC