San Yuen Xuan Kong Da Gua Fengshui

Availability: Classroom (Singapore)

Pre-requisite: completed Fengshui Practitioner program

This course covers the complete system of Xuan Kong Da Gua:

  • Luopan Arrangement
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Arrangement
  • The generation of Hexagram
  • In and Out Gua
  • Ling Shen & Zheng Shen
  • Bedroom and Health Hexagram
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection
  • Fengshui remedies and pre-caution including fighting San Sha.
  • Toilet Fengshui
  • How to perform Fengshui audit and remediation using Xuan Kong Da Gua.
  • Water Theories
    • Inside Castle Gate 内城门 Flying Stars School
    • Castle Gate Method (城门)
    • 24 Mountain Na Jia Chart (纳甲)
    • Dragon Fan Gua (Mountain Dragon) 山龙反卦
    • Dragon Fan Gua (Water Dragon) 水龙反卦
    • 5 Ghost Carry Treasure 五鬼运财
    • Fu Xing Gua Water Method (辅星卦水法)
    • Na Jia Gui Yuan Water Method (纳甲归元水法)
    • Husband & Wife Combine 10 Water Method (夫妇合十水法)
    • He Tu 4 formation Water Method (河图四像水法)
    • Da Xuan Kong Wu Xing (大玄空五行)
    • Lo Shu 4 Formation Water Method (洛书四像水法)


  • Course Material
  • Software to be provided FOC