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FengShui Consultancy

We provide FengShui Consultancy on:

  • Commercial Building Audit
  • Landed Property Audit
  • Private Condo Audit
  • HDB Audit
  • Burial Audit

Note: All occupants birth date and time are needed to ensure cosmic trinity (Heaven - Earth - Man)

For more details on Fengshui Audit Process, click fees




Destiny Consultancy

We provide Face-to-Face consultancy on:

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Career advise
  • Relationship
  • Opportunity

At the end of session, a QMDJ Bazi Compass Report will be provided. sample






Other Services

We also perform other services upon request:

  • Qi Men Life Changing (种生基)
  • HDB/Condo Unit Selection
  • Divination using Qi Men Dun Jia
  • Date Selection (Start business, Marriage, ROM, Signing of contract, Taking exam/test, Important events etc)
  • Chinese MetaPhysics talks and classes (see Courses for a list of courses)
  • Other Chinese MetaPhysics related services