From Zero to Master

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This is part of Road to Fengshui Master program.

Availability: Distance Learning
Online & Email (at your own time)

Pre-requisite: None

Fee: S$188/= (*Student), S$388/= (non-student)

This is a full fledge Fengshui courses for someone who has zero knowledge and want to become a Fengshui master. The class is divided into 3 parts:

  • Part 1 consists of fundamental concept of Chinese Meta Physics
    • Basic Fundamental of Chinese Meta-Physics
    • Taiji, Bagua, HeTu, LuoShu
    • Concept of Heaven, Earth, Man
    • Time and Space (Astrology aspect of Chinese Meta-Physics)
    • Astrology stuff related to Earth
  • Part 2 consists of Basic Fengshui fundamentals
    • Basic concept of Fengshui – important concept to gasp on
    • In-depth explanation of Sha Qi and how to mitigate
    • Bedroom Fengshui – what to lookout for.
    • Kitchen Fengshui – concept and common mistakes/myth
  • Part 3 will go into some of Fengshui formulas
    • How to use the Luopan (take measurement)
    • Bazhai (8-mansion) Fengshui System
    • Xuan Kong Flying Star System
    • Water Theory – Wealth enhancement using 5-ghost carry treasure
    • Date Selection based on Tong Shu


    • Course Material (pdf download from LMS)

*QMDJ and San He only