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Product Description

One of my Zi Wei Dou Shu masters used to say: Zi Ping Bazi is easy to learn but difficult to master. After all these years of learning from various masters and doing my research, I truly understand the meaning. Zi Ping Bazi is based on 8 characters, which form 4 pillars based on your birth year, month, day, and hour. You might be thinking, “only 8 characters, how complicated can it be?” However, if you overlay it with the 5-Element theory and the interaction within Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, then it is not so simple anymore. To make matters worse, there are various versions of Zi Ping Bazi in the market. Different masters have different ways and methods of reading Zi Ping Bazi. Even those who learned from the same grandmaster will have slight differences among the same clan.

The purpose of this book is to simplify the reading of Zi Ping Bazi and provide a step-by-step approach. There are many other methods and techniques that I didn’t include as they are for more advanced students. If you know nothing about Zi Ping Bazi, then this book will help you build up the fundamentals. But if you are already reading Bazi using the Zi Ping method, then this book is not for you as it may confuse you. This is because some of the methods shown in this book may be different from what you have learned from your master.

After reading this book, to further your knowledge, I suggest that you start doing research using the data available on Astro-databank. From there, you can derive your own reading method.

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ISBN 978-9811874024
Page Count 334
Binding Type US Trade Paper
Trim Size 6" X 9"
Weight 450g
Language English
Cover Paperback
Colour Black & White