Super-charging QMDJ with San He Fengshui/San He Program

Availability: Distance Learning
Online (at your own time)

Pre-requisite: Completed QMDJ Courses and/or completed Fengshui Practitioner program

At the end of the class you will know:

    • What is SanHe Fengshui
    • Basic Fundamental of Fengshui
    • What is Water Mouth
    • What is Sha Qi
    • Qi Movement
    • Location Selection
    • SanHe Formula and Application
    • SanHe application with QMDJ
    • Fengshui Walkabout

At the end of the class you will know:

    • How to use SanHe Fengshui techniques in chosing an unit, auditing a place & provide remedy
    • How to use SanHe with Qi Men Dun Jia to get optimum results.


    • Course Material
    • Luopan template
    • Cheat sheet
    • Fengshui walkabout