FengShui Consultancy

We provide FengShui Consultancy on:

    • Commercial Building Audit
    • Landed Property Audit
    • Private Condo Audit
    • HDB Audit
    • Burial Audit
    • Property Selection

Note: All occupants birth date and time are needed to ensure cosmic trinity (Heaven – Earth – Man)

Process as follow:

Fengshui audit consists of the following flow:

    • Requirement
    • Proposal
    • Audit
    • Report
    • Follow-up

1. Requirement

Before an audit can be conducted, we need to know the customer’s requirements. The customer’s requirement can be categorised as follow:

    • Scope of the audit
    • Area and location

1.1. Scope of the audit

In the scope of the audit, we need to know whether the audit is a Commercial business audit or a Housing audit. Commercial business audit refers to places where you want to use for commercial business. Examples are:

      • Small offices
      • Shop lot
      • Factory
      • Warehouses

For Housing audit, there are:

      • Landed property/Bungalow audit
      • Condo/Private apartment audit
      • HDB audit

For Burial Audit, the scope could be on an existing site or a new site.

For a new site (Commercial, Housing or Burial), it is advisable to share the potential site(s) with our practitioner for matching. The site selected must match the birth date/time of people to ensure Heaven, Earth and Man trinity (天时,地利,人和)

Note: Property Selection includes Fengshui audit.

However, if a site is already selected, then the Fengshui remediation is limited. Therefore it is advisable to engage our practitioner to help to select the property based on the person’s birth date/time.

1.2 Area and location

Before any audit can commence, we need to understand the area and location of the place being audited. For example, for any overseas engagement, the customer will have to bear the cost of transportation, accommodation and food of the Fengshui master.

In addition, the area and location of the place being audited is used for high level analysis.

2. Proposal

After the requirements have been collected, we move-on to the proposal stage where the proposed Statement of Work and fees will be provided.

    • Proposed Statement of Work
    • Fees

2.1 Proposed Statement of Work

In the proposed Statement of Work, the following items will be covered:

    • The type of audit required (E.g. Unit selection and/or Fengshui Audit, Commercial, Residential or Burial audit)
    • The overall audit coverage (E.g. Landform analysis, placement of cashier, renovation recommendation, colour scheme and Fengshui remediation)

2.2 Fees

As part of the proposal, the Fengshui audit fees will be proposed and provided.
Once the customer accepts the proposal, the customer is required to provide the following information:

    • Full address of the place being audited
    • Floor Plan in digital form
    • Birth date/time of all occupants

3. Audit

The following information needs to be provided 1 week before going on-site for the audit (the pre-requisite information):

    • Full address of the place being audited
    • Floor Plan in digital form
    • Birth date/time of all occupants

The following are the steps in the Audit section.

    • Pre-requisite analysis
    • On-site audit
    • High level recommendation

3.1 Pre-requisite analysis

When the pre-requisite information is provided, our practitioner will perform the pre-requisite analysis. Here, the practitioner will check the landform using available tools, generate all the relevant bazi charts of all the occupants and perform a high level analysis based on the floor plan provided.
An in-house developed checklist will be used.

3.2 Onsite audit

Arrangement will be made to go on-site to perform the audit. During the on-site audit, the practitioner will take Fengshui measurements using the luopan and verify the information generated during the pre-requisite analysis.
If required, the practitioner can meet up with the interior design to discuss the renovation requirements.

3.3 High level recommendation

During the on-site audit, the practitioner will provide some high level recommendations to the customer, which will be incorporated in the audit report.

4. Report

After the audit, the practitioner will perform a deep analysis and prepare the written report. The report will be in English and will cover the following areas:

      • Detailed analysis
      • Remediation
      • Recommendation

4.1 Detailed analysis

Detailed analysis will be provided with regards to the landform and Fengshui issue. In addition, the occupants’ bazi will be analysed as well.

4.2 Remediation

For any Fengshui issue, remediation will be provided with detailed diagrams and pictures to avoid ambiguity.

4.3 Recommendation

Apart from remediation, Fengshui recommendation will be provided, and this is in terms of the colour scheme to enhance specific outcomes as well as the colour to avoid for certain individuals.

Payment must be made in full before the Fengshui report can be released. For complex projects, our practitioner will walk through the detailed report with the relevant parties.

5. Follow-up

If needed, follow-up will be provided.

We do not sell Fengshui items. For any remediation, we will recommend where to get these items.