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Self Lu

Self Quan

Self Ke

Self Ji

Birth Year Lu

Birth Year Quan

Birth Year Ke

Birth Year Ji

Default Date is 1st Jan 1970


Click on the palace to fly the stars
Heavenly Stem Click on Heavenly Stem to fly the stars

Grey Background indicated the Flying Out Heavenly Stems

D.XX = Decade Palace

Red background = Hua Ji star

Star colour:

  • Red: Fire
  • Green: Wood
  • Yellow: Metal
  • Blue: Water
  • Brown: Earth

Yellow background = Hua Ke star
Green background = Hua Lu star

83-92=Decade luck (clickable)

60' 2028 = 60=Chinese age, 2028=Annual (click on the X to plot annual palace).

Shifting Palace information:

e.g. 3=Spouse, 12=Parents. 3.12=Spouse's Parents.

3.12 is at 2.Siblings Palace, therefore Siblings=Spouse's Parents

Click on the star to look for fly-in Hua Lu, Quan, Ke, Ji.

Background Green Heavenly Stem: Hua Lu fly out palace
Background Yellow Heavenly Stem: Hua Ke fly out palace
Background Blue Heavenly Stem: Hua Quan fly out palace
Background Red Heavenly Stem: Hua Ji fly out palace (e.g Ju Men Hua Ji is at Ding HS)

e.g. Annual Palaces for 2024, Wu Chen. X.Self = 2024.